April Eats

Berry Crunch Salad, Maple-Vanilla Candied Nuts, & Spring Minestrone

Hello & here’s what’s cooking at The Garden Grazer:

Berry Crunch Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing

*NEW!* Sweet and fresh berry salad tossed with an oil-free strawberry balsamic dressing. (Poppy seeds optional.)

Maple-Vanilla Candied Nuts

These naturally-sweetened candied nuts are what give the “Berry Crunch Salad” it’s crunch. This recipe was recently updated with a new & improved method. Great for snacks, salads, and gift-giving.

Spring Minestrone

Celebrate spring with this light & fresh soup featuring seasonal produce, white beans, and fresh dill in a flavorful miso-enhanced broth.

New Website Updates!

The Garden Grazer website has a fresh new look. Some updates include:

  • Better usability, especially for mobile users

  • Easier navigation

  • Updated Recipe Index (to more efficiently browse by course, cuisine, dietary preference, etc.)

I’d love your feedback - please let me know if there are any other categories you’d like to see or would be helpful. (i.e. sorting by nut-free, soy-free, etc.)

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