Happy December!

Hello & here’s what’s new at The Garden Grazer:

Teriyaki Noodles with Vegetables (NEW!)

This tasty 30-minute dish is simple to assemble plus customizable with your favorite vegetables. (And made with a homemade garlic-ginger teriyaki sauce!)

Vegan Coconut Curry Lentil Soup (NEW!)

This ultra-cozy lentil soup is perfect for chilly days. Warmly spiced and full of nourishing plant-based ingredients.

Quinoa Avocado Spinach Power Salad (Updated)

This popular salad is light and energizing, yet pleasantly filling. Made with creamy avocado, nutrient-packed quinoa & spinach, sweet tomatoes, and a simple vinegar dressing. (Plus great made ahead of time!)

Vegan Green Enchiladas with White Beans (Updated)

These savory, protein-packed enchiladas are stuffed with a somewhat unusual (but delicious!) combination of white beans, sweet corn, edamame, and spinach. Then topped with salsa verde before baking.

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